User Manual and Screenshots

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The official PlanSwift 9.x series user documentation resource.

Individual Specific Training

We also offer individual specific training for use of Planswift software

Drawing Arcs and Freehand

PlanSwift allows you to create an arc by simply pressing the "A" key and then clicking the arc midpoint. Freehand mode is activated by clicking and holding the mouse button.

Export to Excel

Simply click the Export to Excel button to automatically send your estimator values to excel for final processing and bid preparation.


PlanSwift allows you to overlay any page onto your current page by clicking the Overlay button on the home tab of the toolbar.

Multiple Sections

You can add multiple sections to a single digitizer item by using the Continue With function (space bar).

Estimating Tools

The built-in estimator allows you to apply multiple formulas and calculations to any digitizer item. You can also load and save assemblies and templates locally or on a network server.

Send Plans

You can quickly email all or part of your plans and job files to others from within PlanSwift using the Send button on the home tab of the toolbar.


Leave notes for yourself or others using the Note tool from the home tab on the toolbar. A blank note box can also be used to highlight existing plan material.

Triangulate Tool

This feature is useful for determining measurements needed to accurately position walls and objects when working in the field.

Magnify Tool

Zoom in at any time by simply holding down the “M” key. You can also use your scroll wheel to zoom further while using this tool.

Batch Renaming of Plan Files

The Batch Rename tool allows you to quickly assign new names to your job image files. The 4 arrows on the tool allow you to skip to the corners of the page to view the page information.

Moving Nodes

You can select single or multiple nodes and drag them to a new location. You can also double-click to add a node or right-click for delete and other options.

Multiple Overlays

PlanSwift allows you to add as many overlays as needed. You can turn each one on or off by clicking the light-bulb next to it in the Pages window.

Subtracting from an Area

You can create cutouts for windows, stairways, etc. by right-clicking on an area and choosing Subtract from Section.

Planroom Integration

You can intergate PlanSwift with most online planrooms, allowing you to download plans into PlanSwift with the click of a button.