Are you a Manufacturer, Distributor or Merchant ?

How would you like to be able to make contact with the people that really matter - The Estimators ?

In any project it comes down to the moment when the deicisions are made and we give you the opportunity to be there !
Instead of burning your promotional budget on scattergun advertising or exhibitions hoping that chance will get your message to the decision makers, you can be certain that you will reach your targeted audience.

You can use Planswift to launch new products or introduce special promotions, as well as reminding the users of your standard products and services. If you have stock that you want to move - no problem just let the Estimators know.

Remeber that because Planswift is being used to estimate real, live projects it can also help with your demand planning.

We think that you may want to have exclusive rights for your products or services and we can arrange this so that you lock out the competition.

To see how we can structure your inclusion just contact us at and we can explore the options. 

Planswift UK